How to get here?

We are at Number 20 Miguel Servet Street, ground floor. You just go up Orillamar street and once you get to the police station you will find us on the first street to your right.

Is it easy to find parking space?

There is a parking area on a parallel street, San Vicente de Paul, that is reserved for Police Cars only, but parking is allowed Monday to Friday from 9:00-13:00 and from 16:00- 20:00.
Both Orillamar and La Torre streets are situated in blue zones, but if you would like to arrive on time without rushing the best thing to do is to come by public transport, on foot or by bike.

What time do we open?

We are open during class hours (15 minutes before starting each class).
For more information please consult our class schedule => cataventos.yoga//hora- rios....
Important information: our yoga room is an open space, therefore we are closed to the public during classes and will not be able to attend phone calls.
The best way to contact us is via email: cataventoss@gmail.com or using our contact form

Do you have changing rooms, showers, etc.?

We leave our shoes and belongings in a wardrobe at the entrance and there are also changing rooms and a simple bathroom available.

Would it be possible to have a trial class?


Are there individual classes and vouchers for sale at the front desk?

You can buy individual classes and vouchers from our web page and also here at our centre. We only accept cash.

Is it possible to cancel a class that has already been booked and paid for?

Yes. Please contact us via email: cataventoss@gmail.com

Would it be possible to rent out the space for closed groups?

For more information on this, please contact us via email: cataventoss@gmail.com

Interested in collaborating with us?

We love meeting new people so please feel free to send us your CV, any new ideas or projects or come and visit us at our centre!

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move about freely. Your knee must be visible during class, therefore we do not recommend the use of lose or baggy pants. The use of leggings or shorts is preferable.
You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat and if you do not own one, we have mats to lend you here at the centre.

Is it possible to practise yoga even if you are not extremely flexible?

Yes. Practising yoga improves your flexibility but the objective of doing yoga is not to obtain a difficult yoga pose, as attractive as that may seem. Being too flexible is also an inconvenience that you must overcome and work with to be able to achieve the yoga poses.

Is it compulsory to be barefoot in class?

Yes. The asanas must be done barefoot. You may use socks during the passive asanas and during the final relax.

How many people are there in every class?

The number of students varies depending on the class schedule. The largest clas- ses have around 10-12 students per class.

Do we have beginner classes?

Yes. There are many specific groups for people who are interested in practising yoga.

What should I do when I attend class for the first time?

We recommend you come in comfortable clothes and on an empty stomach. Our centre opens 15 minutes before each class so that students have time to change and prepare for class. Punctuality is very important, therefore you will not be allo- wed to enter a class 10 minutes after it has started nor leave 10 minutes before it has finished.

Are there beginner students and advanced students together in the same class?

No. Classes are organised by levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students will attend a class depending on their own level.

Is it possible to practise Yoga during pregnancy?

It depends on how much yoga you have practised beforehand. If you have never practised before and it is your first time then we recommend you don't do this du- ring your first trimester. It is possible to practise during the following trimesters but always with the help and supervision of a professional yoga instructor.

Do classes start punctual?

Yes, it is very important for us to keep to the schedule. That way everyone may continue their planned activities and enjoy a relaxed yoga session.
We appreciate your punctuality.

How long is each class?

Classes last for one hour and a half.